Congratulations and a Mighty Big Thank You!!!
Ashley Bradley and Family
2014 San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo
Reserve Grand Champion Steer of Show


Mortgage Maker
Sire: "Charlie" Flush mate to Sooner
Dam: Ali x Rock Star
BW: 65 lbs • DOB: May 2011

Contact Owners for Semen
Bill Cody 325 669 2117
Bret Cody 254 396 3594
Ed Cody 715 309 9662
Todd Kimbrell 254 337 0604
Luke Jones 309 838 1669
Gravy in his working clothes
2 1/2 yrs old
Sire: Ali | Dam: Lard Ass x Kadabra x B108

Finally, an Ali son that matches his sires calving ease with a tremendous pedigree on the dam side.

Gravy's first calves look great and are very easy calving!
Use Gravy on all your first calf heifers!
Semen: $20/unit
Show Heifer / Future Donor Cow
Gravy x Rock Star
DOB: May

If Your looking for a great show heifer that will make an awesome
Donor cow when her show career is over...Come take a look!
Call Bill or Bret for details
Gravy x HooDoo Heifer
Gravy x Friction • Heifer
Gravy x Heat Wave/B108 • Steer
DOB: October
Gravy x Heat Wave
DOB: Sept
Gravy x Milkman/Witch Dr
Gravy x Milkman

Gravy X Milk Man
Gravy X Who Made Who
Gravy X Hoo Doo

Gravy X Kadabra/B108

Gravy X Who Made Who

Gravy X Heat Seeker
Gravy x Shorthorn
First Calf Heifer

Gravy x Heat Wave
First Calf Heifer

5 day old heifer
Gravy x About Time/Black Bear
First Calf Heifer

This GREAT Heifer was raised by Ken McClellan
Armstrong, IA (712) 363-2267

Sire: Gravy
Dam: Handy Dandy x Shorthorn/Maine
First Calf Heifer

Gravy x Heat Seeker
First Calf Heifer
DOB: Feb